FBX Promotional Contest

Share our FBX litepaper and token sale waitlist for a chance to win 50 USDC!

Don't forget, you can earn up to 250 USDC for simply signing up, depositing, and referring friends! Terms and conditions apply.

Join Finblox with my invite link and earn up to 250 USDC 💰

Dear Finbloxers,

Starting today, we will be launching a sharing contest to promote our upcoming FBX token sale! From now until 15 August 2022 (0:00 UTC), users may:

  • Share our FBX token sale waitlist and litepaper for a chance to win 50 USDC! These shares are only valid for Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to "@" tag our correct account on either platform, and use #finshare so that your actions are visible.
  • Additionally, we will be drawing a few winners from the waitlist itself for a chance to win 25 USDC!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You must share both our waitlist and litepaper links, and it must be on Twitter and/or Facebook to qualify. Waitlist link: https://bit.ly/FBXWaitlist Litepaper link: docs.finblox.com
  2. You must tag our social media account in your post. Make sure you tag the correct one (links are in the widgets below). Please don't forget to use #finshare.
  3. Include a small message that explains why someone should check out our project and sign up for our token sale. Shares of the links themselves don't have much context. Bonus points for creativity :)

That's about it, folks! We'll be contacting the winners and announcing them on 17 August 2022. If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to contact us at support@finbloxapp.com.

Onwards and upwards,

The Finblox Team

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