Introducing Finblox's "Dollar-for-Dollar" Affiliate Program!

Maximize your instant and passive earning potential with Finblox's "Dollar-for-Dollar" Affiliate Program!

Think you have what it takes to become a high-powered Finblox affiliate?

Are you the sort of individual who enjoys working on their own terms? A student struggling to make ends meet - but possessing drive, charisma, and salesmanship? Or perhaps a savvy marketer, looking to rake in the big bucks?

Well, get ready to fund your next vacation - because today, we're completely revamping our old referral model with our very first pilot affiliate program!

Here’s a few reasons why you might consider joining our Dollar-for-Dollar pilot affiliate program:

  • Supercharge your earning potential by producing a serious volume of referrals
  • Instant rewards - 1 USDC for every user you refer that deposits at least $1!
  • Rack up referrals and watch your passive income skyrocket - 50% revenue share on all deposits AND swaps they make
  • Plus, you can still benefit and earn up to 250 USDC from our traditional referral program!

Still think you've got the right stuff? Apply here before slots get filled. We’ll be in touch!

Please note that Finblox reserves the right to change these terms at any time at our discretion with due notice, as this is still an exploratory program.

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