Finblox Fridays 08

Read about everything that happened this week at Finblox, meet the team, and get to know the Finbloxer of the Week!

Bulletin Board:

Happy Friday Finbloxers!

Are you guys excited about what we have in the works for you? Check out our litepaper if you haven't already at! Staying ahead of the times requires constant innovation, and we have no plans of stopping at a simple earning product.

FinSwap, FinPool, an NFT marketplace, loyalty levels, spending, and many other features are on their way in Q3 - Q4. If you have any feedback on what we should develop next, don't hesitate to drop us a line. Stephen is eagerly waiting for the next round of user interviews to find out what you guys like!

Get a good rest,

The Finblox Team

Sneak Peek:

There weren't a whole lot of new things to talk about this week, but we did add asset details to our web app! Now, you can view a brief summary of the asset and read its whitepaper - as well as visit the official website.

Stay tuned for FinSwap and FinPool, which should be launched shortly! And don't forget to read our litepaper if you haven't already.

Meet the Team:

What is the most bizarre experience you've ever had?
two men in suits restaurant
Anders getting fancy in Yili!
On a perfect weekend, what would you spend your time doing?
man with glasses pink shirt
Dep trai! Who knew developers could be this handsome?
What are 3 habits that you normally don't tell people about?
man peace sign purple pool
Mark being Mark swimming in purple Kool-aid.

Finbloxer of the Week:

Cat with big eyes bucket hat
Well, it's not high-res - but still adorable!

This week's Finbloxer is Mick, a 26 year-old from Tel Aviv who does crypto trading for a living!

Mick first got into crypto in 2020, as he was looking for ways to "earn without working." His friend suggested that he try out mining, but Mick quickly realized that he couldn't fit many farms into his apartment. He sold his rigs and changed his tactics to invest in IDOs, IEOs, etc - and spent hundreds of hours reading articles and analytics. As a result, he earned enough from the previous bullrun to live only off crypto.

Currently, Mick is calmly waiting behind the scenes for the markets to turn while he gears up on his ever-expanding knowledge.

Thank you, Mick - for being an indispensable part of the Finblox family! Readers, if you're interested in being featured as our next Finbloxer of the Week, please feel free to apply here.

Onwards and upwards - have a great weekend folks!


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