Finblox Fridays 12

Read about everything that happened this week at Finblox, meet the team, and get to know the Finbloxer of the Week!

Bulletin Board:

Hey Finbloxers,

Guess what? Our very first Pool Party drawing is about to come to an end - drumroll for the soon-to-be-winners, please! If you didn't participate in this week's drawing, make sure you get in there so those rewards aren't being monopolized by a select few!

Just kidding, do what you want with the system. But invite your friends, because the prizes will only get bigger and bigger. Other news this week - we're almost ready with FinLaunch, and adding weekly objectives to gamify the app further.

What ideas do you guys have that might be simple but fun enough for users to enjoy? Drop them at!

Until next time,

The Finblox Team

Sneak Peek:

Looking to supercharge your chances of winning in Pool Party? No worries, we've got you covered. The team has had their hands full this week figuring out what kind of criteria to impose for boosting, as well as the relative weight of the boost as a reward for hitting those objectives.

What do you think? Should we make it a speedometer? Maybe add some flames and gradients in red, yellow, and green? Stay tuned for more!

Meet the Team:

Would you rather have a small dog that pooped in every room of your house, every day - or a big dog that took a massive dump on your bed while you are sleeping?
Girl hugging two cute dogs furry
Kat and her cute little babies!
If you were locked in a glass box with 100 spiders, would you rather eat all the spiders or be bitten by the spiders for the next 24 hours? Let's assume they cannot be killed (unless eaten) and you cannot break out of the box.
Guy in polo impassive stare shiny forehead
Tung didn't have any better photos.
What's the most clever riddle you can come up with for someone, without Googling online?
Guy painting canvas class apron
Charlie's paintings are also a mystery.

Finbloxer of the Week:

This week's Finbloxer is Dillon, a retired US expat living in Malaysia who "enjoys sweating bullets" while trying out all kinds of spicy cuisine, and drone videography.

Dillon first heard about Finblox through a local crypto blogger, and decided to give it a try after doing more research on rate comparison websites. His favorite things about Finblox include the "Insights" tab and Finblox University.

Thank you, Dillon - for being a spicy part of the Finblox family! Readers, if you're interested in being featured as our next Finbloxer of the Week, please feel free to apply here.

Onwards and upwards - have a great weekend folks!


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