Finblox Fridays 13

Read about everything that happened this week at Finblox, meet the team, and get to know the Finbloxer of the Week!

Bulletin Board:

Dear Finbloxers,

How are you guys doing on this wonderful Friday? Our team thoroughly enjoyed meeting up in Vietnam this week - where we had ample amounts of good food, beer, and laughs together.

Although working remotely is nice, sometimes you need to rub shoulders and get to know the individuals behind that Zoom screen in-person!

In other news - we've been working on Swaps for the webapp and finalizing our token landing page. Our options for different exchange listings and launchpads continue to expand - can't wait for the TGE. Hope you have a relaxing next few days, and keep on earning!

Until next time,

The Finblox Team

Sneak Peek:

Not much to speak about - still working on some of the same things from last week! Swap on the webapp, our FBX landing page, and Boost screen for Pool Party. Check on us again in a week for more updates!

Meet the Team:

Who is the artist/designer you look up to the most and why? Please include a link to your favorite piece of work by them.
Indonesian guy eyebrow neon sign
Iosi looking edgy in neon.
If you had to spend your day as a storm, what kind of storm would you be and what are some things you would do?
Girl red sweater looking at records
Avee seems to have her hands full with these records.

Finbloxer of the Week:

darth vader red lightsaber glowing
May the Force be with you.

This week's Finbloxer is Ratu, a Jakarta-based university student who enjoys playing soccer and reading One Piece in his spare time. Ratu wants to become a blockchain developer in the future, and loves exploring new crypto projects weekly. He sees crypto branding as "very fun" and playful in spite of the huge impact it can have in the near future.

Ratu's favorite thing about Finblox is the product design and how easy it is to scroll through our app and understand how to use it.

Thank you, Ratu - for being an indispensable part of the Finblox family! Readers, if you're interested in being featured as our next Finbloxer of the Week, please feel free to apply here.

Onwards and upwards - have a great weekend folks!


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