Finblox Fridays 14

Read about everything that happened this week at Finblox, meet the team, and get to know the Finbloxer of the Week!

Bulletin Board:

What's up Finbloxers!

Can we get a show of hands for how many of you are enjoying Pool Party? With only $10 as the required minimum deposit to enter and no loss of principal - we hope you're making the most of free crypto drawings every week!

On Monday, we'll be announcing the lucky winner of our "Pool Dogs" giveaway. Please stick around and share the love with your friends for even bigger future prizes.

This week, most of the team was off - so not much news there. However, expect us to be back with a slew of updates next week!

Take it easy,

The Finblox Team

Sneak Peek:

Many of our engineers and developers were off enjoying national holidays this week, so we don't have a whole lot to speak about! However, we're in the process of adding some new banners to our app to make it easier for users to view promotions, announcements, and other valuable information.

Launchpad is nearly complete - and the rudimentary bits of P2P are just starting to come together. There will be alot of work cut out for Q4, but we're more determined than ever to diversify our platform and bring more value to users.

Meet the Team:

If you were a tiny violin, please describe how you would thwart a bank robbery and alert the guards before it happens. You are only allowed to move and play classical songs (cannot be a talking violin).
Serious-looking guy sitting
Anton is highly-trained in his music knowledge...don't underestimate him!
Would you rather be a high-rise window cleaner with only one arm, or a lion trainer with only one leg? Why?
Vietnamese guy smiling at restaurant
Thanh cheesing hard.
What was the most unlikely thing that someone's done for you - that caused you to have a crush on them?
Bored looking guy with glasses
Duy, the guy who girls are never nice to.

Finbloxer of the Week:

sloth smiling long nails
Someone needs to trim their nails...

This week's Finbloxer is Jim, a 36-year old rancher from Montana. Jim loves exploring the great outdoors with his wife and daughter, and likes to go about his day without being disturbed by the noise of the city.

Despite being a rancher, Jim is no slouch when it comes to financial education - graduating with a degree in finance and holding a CFA certification previously. Before he found his calling in nature, Jim day-traded and frequently speculated in hot new cryptos.

Thank you, Jim - for being an indispensable part of the Finblox family! Readers, if you're interested in being featured as our next Finbloxer of the Week, please feel free to apply here.

Onwards and upwards - have a great weekend folks!


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