Finblox Fridays 16

Read about everything that happened this week at Finblox, meet the team, and get to know the Finbloxer of the Week!

Bulletin Board:

Hey Finbloxers,

Wuzzgoinon? Drop us a line in chat sometimes and let us know about your week. We're happy to hear about your everyday life, not just product-related feedback!

As you know, the big "Merge" just completed without major event - thankfully. We're also super happy that our rates have gone up again, especially for ETH, USDC, USDT - and USDD, the new baby in the family. This should position us very competitively versus other platforms - especially with our fixed, untiered rates.

The team has been brainstorming ways to improve on our referral program, and may even introduce an affiliate layer on top. Other than that, we're still working on the launchpad and P2P - and revamping our entire landing page.

Here's to having a great weekend!


The Finblox Team

Sneak Peek:

We can't show you our new products yet, but we can show you a glimpse of what the new website will look like! Iosi, our ever-diligent designer - keeps striving to one-up himself.

We hope that with the new layout, Finblox will appear more welcoming, youthful, and futuristic for all our users.

Meet the Team:

What was the scariest adventure you've had while traveling?
Mount Agung sunrise
Wow! Look at that sunrise on Agung.
If you were to live in another country, what are the three biggest things you would have to consider before moving?
girl overlooking ocean waves sunset cliff
Mai looking longingly over a cliff in Bali.
Who’s a celebrity you’d like to travel with? Where to?
man scuba diving fishes ocean
Kevin on one of his diving adventures in Phuket!

Finbloxer of the Week:

This week's Finbloxer is Yasmeen, a 24 year old UK-based designer who loves gardening, pottery classes, and kickboxing in her spare time. She says she has "a childish habit" of watching old cartoons, and sometimes draws caricatures of people for fun.

Yasmeen is not a huge investor when it comes to crypto, but her boyfriend made her open an account with Finblox as a soft intro to crypto. She likes playing Pool Party every week, and hopes that we can create more variations of games to keep the users engaged.

Thank you, Yasmeen - for being an indispensable part of the Finblox family! Readers, if you're interested in being featured as our next Finbloxer of the Week, please feel free to apply here.

Onwards and upwards - have a great weekend folks!


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