AI-Generated exhibition sparks controversy

AI-Generated artwork sparks controversy in Fine Art Exhibition.

AI-generated artwork wins art competition in the United States

• Artist used a platform called Midjourney to make a "statement"

• Twitter has mixed thoughts about AI-generated art

Jason Allen, an American game designer recently released a few artworks - generated using Artificial Intelligence (AI). He created his masterpiece using a platform called Midjourney, where he instructed the AI to capture his colorful vision. After ideating his vision with the AI technology, he brought his work to the Colorado State Fair fine arts competition. Jason’s artwork was deemed ethereal and expressed an opulent futuristic scene. Even though his work was majestic, it was received by the public with mixed emotions of awe and concern.

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Théâtre D’opéra Spatial was one of the winning art pieces and displays a haunting take on the future of the metaverse. According to the contest rules, digital art in all forms was accepted, and the judges stated that their decision would’ve been the same had they known about the AI-generated art sooner.

Thoughts from the community:

Many art enthusiasts took to Twitter to share their thoughts, and a few people expressed their displeasure towards the art form. On the other hand, a handful expressed that it was fascinating to see the future of artistry unfold. Richard Fitzwilliams, a film, and art critic mentioned that the artwork reminded him of paintings by symbolistic artist Gustave Moreau, who in fact had quite a considerable influence on the Impressionists. The artwork of Jason Allen displays subtle hints of Game of Thrones according to the art critic and is something of beauty.

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