Monday Movers 07

Axie NFT sales rise 205% in a week, while Lebanon announces a crypto-themed escape room.

Highlights from the weekend:

  • Lebanon's first crypto-themed escape room is now live
  • Revival of Axie Infinity results in an increase of 205% in NFT sales
  • The UK plans to close a regulatory vacuum in crypto
  • Unicorn Hunters release their native token called Unicoin

Words of Wisdom:

"Everyone will be in crypto."

- Changpeng Zhao 
“Since we’re all rich with Bitcoins … we ought to put some of this unearned wealth to good use.”

- Hal Finney
"A dip is like a beautiful red rose, when you touch it you have the chance to multiply your portfolio."

- Rudrash Kapoor 

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The Scoop:

On March 20th, over 620 million dollars was stolen from a blockchain network that was associated with Axie Infinity. The game was left vulnerable after the hack took advantage of issues within the Ronin network and caused nearly irreversible damage. Jeff Zirlin, the co-founder of Axie - shared his thoughts via Twitter on July 8th with positive news that the revival is "healing."  The strong adoption of NFT land staking and the Ronin bridge is being backed with a significant number of growing downloads and NFT sales.

cryptocurrency crypto Axie Inifinity AXS native token Jeff Zirlin
Nature is healing. 

Axie Infinity produced 1.3 million dollars of gross sales from 23,100 users, marking 205% growth for the week. One of the primary reasons for this surge was due to the need for food for Axie Infinity land. The staking function allows land owners to earn weekly benefits in the game's native token. Axie Infinity also released the second phase of its upgrades to a new game mode this month, "Origin" - which already received 600,000 sign ups from all over the world. The team is currently working on 3 new programs focused on rewarding users for referrals.

The United Kingdom is working on closing the regulatory vacuum in the current crypto market. The crash has intensified the need for lawmakers to resolve existing issues within the framework. As such, the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee has addressed the need for for a proper regulatory framework, and law enforcement in the field of crypto.

The committee announced that the growth of crypto assets, associated markets, and services are not a threat to the UK financial system. In fact, stablecoins are one of the hot issues that regulators are eyeing. The FPC stated that these tokens must meet the requirements and necessary standards of commercial bank money. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also mentioned that they will conduct investigations around Terra's collapse while building new rules for the asset class. Ultimately, Britain desires to be a "global hub" for crypto and attract more companies in the sector.

"Unicorn Hunters" is a reality TV show that debuted in 2021 on Amazon Prime, and centers around a group of investors called the "Circle of Money" that dictates which businesses are worthy of receiving investment funds. Business owners from all around the United States have the unique opportunity to pitch their company's vision in the hopes that they'll gain some funding.

“Our partnership with Mitch Richmond will undoubtedly help us level the investment playing field as we continue giving people on the sidelines access to game-changing investment opportunities. Our ambassadors are key to our mission of expanding our audience and giving people access to wealth creation.”

Alex Konanykhin, CEO of Unicorn Hunters

Unicoin native coin Unicorn Hunters crypto cryptocurrency bitcoin
Will Unicoin be the mane coin to go to? 

Unicorn Hunters recently launched Unicoin to protect its users from rising inflation. The next-generation coin will help provide holders with a diversified portfolio of equity positions, with the help of evolving growth companies partnered with the show. Unicoins can be bought for just 10 cents per coin, and in 2023 - it'll be available on major crypto exchanges. Mass adoption is expected to take place after marketers develop "high brand value, global awareness of its benefits, and a strong equity portfolio.” NBA All-Star Mitch Richmond is the latest ambassador for Unicorn Hunters, and he plans to spread the word of Unicoin to basketball fans in the US.

In Lebanon, laws do not prohibit the use, trade, or ownership of cryptocurrencies. However, existing regulations are still only adopted to legal currencies. Said Nassar, the owner of a trendy Bitcoin escape room game called "Bitcoin Escape the System" - announced the grand opening on his Twitter account. The main goal of the room is to inspire and educate Lebanese citizens on the benefits of Bitcoin, while highlighting the country's digital currency adoption. Additionally, Nassar revealed that the participants will assume the role as grandchildren of a deceased Bitcoin owner.

The players will have 60 minutes to find all of the clues, and locate the seeds of a wallet containing 10,000 bitcoins. Sooly Kobayashi, a moderator at Bitcoin du Liban - called the escape room a "creative approach" to Bitcoin adoption. Lebanese Bitcoiners from the group Bitcoin du Liban were one of the first people to try out the room. All four of their members were able to sneak out with the fastest time to date. Regardless if you're a crypto enthusiast or not - this escape room is sure to educate and excite.

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