Win 5000 DOGE in our "Pool Dogs" Giveaway!

Are you a lucky good boy? Win up to 5000 DOGE by joining Pool Party #3!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • New and existing Finblox users are eligible to join. Users that have already joined Draw #3 before this announcement are automatically included.
  • Join Pool Party #3 - Simply log into the app, open the Pool Party page, and tap "Join Draw."
  • Post a status on Facebook or Twitter ONLY and include the link Finally, tag us from the correct Facebook/Twitter account to receive credit!
  • Don't forget - you also have a shot at winning from this week's prize pool of 200 MATIC!

Terms & Conditions:

1 lucky winner can win up to 5000 DOGE depending on the number of Pool Party participants by the end of Draw #3:

  • If we reach 300 participants - lucky winner gets 1000 DOGE
  • If we reach 600 participants - lucky winner gets 2500 DOGE
  • If we reach 1000 participants - lucky winner gets 5000 DOGE
  • Therefore, you should share this with as many people as possible! Don't forget - the friends you share it with can also benefit from your referral link, which can earn you up to 250 USDC per friend.
  • Winner will be contacted via social media and/or their Finblox email address
  • The reward will be distributed within 5 days of campaign end time - at the latest by 07 Sept 2022, 11 PM HKT
  • Names and pictures of the Eligible Participants may be used by Finblox for publicity and promotional reasons without additional payment or notification, at its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Finblox reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion rules at our sole discretion.
  • For questions, feel free to reach us via email
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